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USB Software

  • Kurio: a calendar/contact organizer for a usb drive.
  • Tiny word processor fits on a USB drive: Jarte.

Free Utilities


Screen Print Utilities


Computer Protection


Office Suites

  • OpenOffice is now owned by Oracle and may not be expanded or supported.
  • LibreOffice includes all the tools that Microsoft's office suite has, including a web editor with templates. Some of the same developers previously involved with OpenOffice work on it.
  • ThinkFree provides an entire office suite online for access any time you have access to the internet.
  • Serif Software provides a number of free programs including desktop publishing, web editing, image editing, and more.
  • Zhocreator, an online database
  • Microsoft Office Assistance Center
  • MicroSoft Free Stuff

Software/Open Source


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Virtual Meeting Spaces


Miscellaneous Free Resources



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